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Eugene Lee of Chef's Aug. 3rd, 2007 @ 04:12 pm
Those of you from Mangalore would have gone to Chef's restaurant at Kadri, right next to it is it's sister restaurant Chef's Xing Lai. (They also have one more restaurant near our house) We have been there several times and there is this boss man who looked very Manglorean. Later I deduced he was Manglorean Roman Catholic. I never asked for his name, and when spoken to he would only say "yes! yes!", very shy indeed.

Then in May there was an ad in the newspaper with his photo mentioning that he was leaving on a trip to China to "dsicover his Chinese roots". Chinese roots! Ah his name is Eugene Lee in the ad. Jeez! This person was Chinese all along I thought, and how could he look so Manglorean or Indian for that matter? Oher Chinese in Mangalore look Chinese. Eugene did have slightly narrow eyes, but I know chaps in any community who'd occasionally be having narrow eyes.

Finally there was this article in the Manglorean section of Times of India. Check it out.

To China With Love...

His dad came to India from China in 1930 and never went back. What's more he came to Mangalore and got married to a Manglorean Catholic girl resulting in 6 children of which Eugene is the 3rd.

One day a chap called Mike Yang who had come to Infosys Mangalore (look at the chances of that) came to his restaurant and was amazed to hear there was a Chinese root here. Apparently Yang went back to China and discovered Eugene's half family for him!!!! Yes! Eugenes father had left his Chinese family behind!!!

Also read an article on the restaurant in the Hindu Variety and spice.

The MV Denden Aug. 3rd, 2007 @ 04:12 pm
Here are the photos of the MV Denden, an Eritrean ship, that capsized off the coast of Mangalore last month 24th. See a link in the Eritrea Daily Eritrea's ship 'DenDen' sinks in Mangalore

Rain and sun May. 22nd, 2007 @ 03:28 pm
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Just a question. Feb. 18th, 2007 @ 03:45 pm
I hear there are five medical schools in Mangalore. Does anyone know what they're all called?

I was considering going to the Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore after I get enough classes done here (U.S.) to transfer there for a couple of years. Unfortunately, I just heard from the dean that they only offer the twinning program at the KMC, Manipal campus =/

Any help would be appreciated =)
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Highs and lows Jan. 3rd, 2007 @ 04:36 pm
Mangalore temperatures reach a low this time of the year. The newspaper said it was 19°C (C not F) and it will not come any lower than that. But... it is only after dark, in the day time what do you think the temperature is. It is the very same 34°C just 2 less than what it is in summer.
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» Mangalore beach panaroma

Panaroma of four images. December 2006
» Traditional knife sharpener

These chaps used to come to our house in Mangalore regularly when we were young. Now with modern knives they are less visible. Yet this chap was going by on a Sunday with his awesome sharpening machine. We still have two items that require sharpening from him, a sickle and an addollee. Addollee is a wooden platform about 6" high on which a sickle knife has been mounted facing up. Used for slicing fish.
» Hopefully it has stopped raining
Typically the rainy season comes to an end in September. But this year it rained in October and November too. Only at night, so we could put our umbrellas away;-)

Hope it doesn't rain in December.
» Cool weather
So it is December 1st, and when I got out of the house at 6:09 in the morning, it was refreshingly cool with a stiff breeze. We will enjoying this weather till February end. Usually in this period the sunshine at 12:30 will not be fierce as it usually is in Mangalore. It is the nearest we get to winter weather in Mangalore.

» No Curfew from today
Ah! Finally from today there will be no curfew in Mangalore. Finally life can go on. Section 144 will still be in place but that is no big deal, since the cops are usually not bothered about enforcing Sec 144 as much as they enforce a curfew.

All the restaurants, shops, and other businesses who were down and out for the last week can finally start limping back to normalcy. Those that were damaged or destroyed will take a longer while though.

The cops can start unwinding, after a job well done, beating up innocent civilians who were trying to get around town during the curfew. You know like going to the hospital.

On the plus side in a meeting held yesterday evening the local politicians have decided to ban bundhs of all kinds. This was a decision taken across party line, and they have empowered the district administration to do what ever it takes to tackle people calling for bundhs.

This was a very good sign indeed. Exactly what I was feeling. Except that I never thought it would be possible at the district level. I was under the impression that the state or the centre will have to pass a law banning bundhs. Which could be impossible, since the party not in power always likes to call for a bundh.
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