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We Mangloreans always crib about our roads (bad conditions of) but we do have good smooth concrete roads and more roads are having they surfaced relaid with concrete or concretised as the press puts it. And so I was present one night when they were just starting to lay the stretch from Jyothi Circle to Balmatta Circle. The entire road has been dug up and prepared, and one layer of concrete has already been laid. This is the second and last layer.

I was there since my pal had invited us over for dinner at Palkhi. Our wives had gone across to their apartment to pick something up. Me and my friend hopped over here to check it out. That steel structure is the one that makes the surface super smooth. Older concrete roads here were not laid that way and were always rough.

In the video the voice you hear initially is me telling my friend that "this will be posted on YouTube" :-)
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